Our works

We have created great works for our clients of which we are particularly proud. We look forward to adding to these the project that we will carry out for you.

Here are some of our most beautiful achievements:

Corrosia positions itself as a company specialized in the consultancy and inspection of metal structures, offering its services to both national and international clientele.

The initial collaboration focused on the Ainspecta project, an innovative solution that facilitates the automated generation of building inspection reports. This solution automatically analyzes paint defects from photos, providing an efficient and precise approach to assessing the condition of metal structures.

Our second partnership with Corrosia took the form of the « Connected Bridges » project. This initiative aims to detect corrosion on metal bridges using videos captured by drones. Through this advanced technological approach, proactive and sophisticated surveillance is implemented, thereby enhancing the durability and safety of metal infrastructures.

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Photo gallery application for professional events using facial recognition technology.

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Guitar learning application utilizing artificial intelligence.

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At Didactum Service, we have developed an innovative platform dedicated to the creation of advertising videos. Going beyond a mere video editing tool, this platform allows seamless integration of text, images, and sound, offering rich and in-depth customization of promotional videos.

With this versatile solution, Didactum provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to visual advertising content creation, ensuring maximum flexibility in designing and adapting videos for promotional purposes.

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have launched Transbio, an innovative application dedicated to monitoring COVID-19 testing conducted outside of laboratories. This application aims to ensure the quality of tests by verifying their proper execution while facilitating the analysis of decentralized tests.

By implementing Transbio, our goal is to ensure the reliability of results while simplifying the monitoring and analysis of tests conducted outside the traditional laboratory setting.

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Easy and collaborative online video editing app. Weaverize Studio allows multiple videos to be edited at the same time, directly in the browser or in a mobile application.

Customer feedback application about video creation directly on the video.

Collection of video processing microservices (face detection, video blurring).


Weaverize, your R&D partner in the development of innovative applications.