Our Team


Thanks to its team of talents, Weaverize supports you at every stage of your project. From its conceptualization to its development, and until its commercialization. We use all our skills to meet your needs.

Co-founder of Weaverize, Rémi AUGUSTE holds a doctorate in computer science with a specialty in video analysis and processing. He has 8 years of experience in the field including 2 years as president of the company.

With 5 years of research experience at the University of Lille, Remi has acquired a wide expertise. He is thus specialized in the field of video but also in cloud computing, highly parallel calculations, embedded systems and APIs … Rémi has also completed several research and development projects from idea to commercialization. To date, he has already received several awards for his work.

Rémi also works as a teacher in several schools (ISEN, Mine Telecom, etc.). Particularly competent and attentive, he provides expert advice in several startup incubators and takes part in the entrepreneurial life of the Lille metropolis.

Keywords : management, listening, consulting, R&D, computer vision, SaaS, API, cloud, Kubernetes, education

Co-founder of Weaverize, Robin POCHET holds a master’s degree in computer science with a specialty in image, vision and interaction. He has 7 years of experience building mobile apps.

At the heart of many projects, Robin is in charge of developing mobile and desktop applications, both graphically and in tearm of fonctionnality. He has experience building quality hybrid applications (Android, iOS and Desktop). He also has a solid background in building applications with geolocation.

Keywords : R&D, computer vision, frontend, fullstack, polymer, lit-element, cordova

Gauthier DESPRETS holds a master’s degree in software engineering and has a long experience in Agile methodology.

 His professional experience has led him to perform various activities such as application management, seminar organization, serious game creation, training facilitation or reporting management.

Within Weaverize, he brings his knowledge of agility and project management to the team.

Keywords: Scrum master, Agile methodology, Project management, training, reporting

With a master degree in computer science and 2 years of experience, Raphaël is specialized in web and mobile application development.

Agile, he is able to work on the front and back parts of a project. He likes to assemble the different bricks that compose the APIs used by weaverize.

Keywords : Javascript, Node.js, Java, API REST, Fullstack, Vue.js, GraphQL

Noémie DERAEDT followed the Grandes Ecoles program at Epitech for 5 years. During her studies, she specialized in Web and Mobile Fullstack development, and also studied 1 year in Dublin and obtained a degree in IT management.

Thanks to her experience, she helps in the development of various projects carried out by Weaverize.

Keywords: JavaScript, React, NodeJS, Fullstack

Thibault DHONT studied graphic design in Motion-Design and Video Creation before turning to development.

With 4 years of experience as a Videographer, Thibault produces video content to promote, develop and educate on various achievements.

His solid experience in the field of graphic design benefits Weaverize in projects requiring conception and design of tools.

Today, he also helps on application interface creations.

Keywords : Video creation, design, motion design, illustration, Javascript, React, Vue.js


Weaverize has built up a network of experts in different fields to meet all the specifics of your project. We take care of finding and recruiting the necessary experts and integrate them into our team for the duration of the project. So you can focus on your product, with complete peace of mind.

Communication, legal, medical, innovation financing, international import / export, mathematics and many other aspects… Thanks to this network, we can handle a wide variety of requests.


Weaverize, your R&D partner in the development of innovative applications.